Monday, February 19, 2018

How not to help those affected by disasters

Ok, I know this is a serious situation in Samoa / Pacific and I can already see the “Let’s do something” calls by those of us abroad.
Wonderful thought but before you clear out your cupboard of old blankets and dash off to the warehouse to buy a pack of bottled water, sit down and read this:
Wait. Think. Before you do something.
Do NOT send goods. Do NOT send canned anything. Do not send anything unless it’s money, or something that is specifically requested and you can ensure it reaches the requestor without them paying the price fir it.
Do not hop on the plane to go help unless it’s your family.
Wait for that pacific island Government who will assess and establish what help is needed.
We see enough Good Samaritans who land at disaster zones who end up being a burden.
Stay home.
Let the nation help themselves or ask for help first.
Your genuine willingness to help by giving goods ends up being the burden for others, or your goods end up rotting at the wharf or worse, more rubbish they didn’t need in the first place.
- check out what Red Cross are doing. Help them so they can help those in need. You can also transfer direct to Red Cross.
- Be wary of politicians /community leaders - they have agendas, if you want to help a family back home, send direct to them.
Gooood luck😩#tcgita #gita

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