Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Samoan when you're down.

Another *cute example of how another mainstream newspaper views a story:
That a woman who is a kiwi, represents Local government, an accomplished citizen of NZ, graduate and leader is simply reduced to being "othered" because she spoke up about racism.
"Samoan politician" ain't it adorable how ethnicity comes in so handy when it's a contentious issue but no questions asked about her kiwiness if she was throwing a javelin at Olympics? Or winning a golf tourny?
I suppose Bern...ard Orsman, the writer of this saw that a woman has complained, read the press release by Skycity and thought: yep, they're just doing their job.
He also refers to Efeso Collin's experience last year and in a negative way., as if they were crying wolf and thrown unfounded accusations.
Absolutely *cute.
Skycity - quick to rob but slow to grow a conscience.

*cute: how privilege views the world and judges everyone not part of that privilege.



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