Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Learning to let go

For the last 10 years, I've been running Samoa Language Week activities in my community, because I love it, and mainly because my smalls benefit as a result,

This year, I left the country to be far away from Samoans. lol.

No really.

The school programme has morphed into a life of its own, and it made me relieved and also a bit sad seeing it being fully adopted and supported by school. This means it's no longer the onus on me to harass and beg for air time, resources, priority.
After much persistence and diy-ing, they have taken it on.

But I want to share my little experience:

Don't wait for Government, School Board, Funding, or numbers to make your pacific language an area of focus.

If you don't do something, then no one will give a damn.

What irks me about samoan language in New Zealand is this, we have thousands of Samoans who have resided in Auckland city, Polilua and beyond since the 70s and guess what, there are only a few schools that have a bilingual unit or any focus on Samoan language.

Makuai fumfa lava kakou....ka ke igoigo ai fo'i sole I le kele o gei community leaders and a oka va'ai I le fa'alekogu lea e iai, oi aueee...

Anyway, back to positive energy

O le matou taumafaiga lea mo lenei tausaga, o le finau lea e fa'ataua taumafaiga a tamaiti ae maise lava o le a'oa'oina lea o mataupu e pei o le Science, Tech, Engineering, Math.

O tamaiti o lo'o talatalanoa mai le ata lenei - e ese le maoa'e o lo latou tomai i STEM subjects, ma'umau pe ana lelei ua fa'apea aoga ma faiaoga.

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