Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Keep on Going - International Woman's Day #IWD 2017

IWD, International Woman's Day is tomorrow, and so is the deadline for my assignment, I therefore found the time miraculously to blog about this issue because, neither the day or the assignment is exciting me too much right now.

So, Samoan woman. Where are you?
In my mind, there are two very distinct paths that define a samoan woman in the samoan context,
You can be a tama'itai, honoured, has esteemed purpose, celebrated.
or a fafige or keige: simply a woman.
A tamaita'i has status and is respected, a fafige has to cook the food until her eyes are red from blowing into the fire.

Fai aku ai foi.

Ese le kou leaga I gai fafige hah

This is my dedication to all the women today,
Each one going through your own
and your WTF days,
Here's to ya ...

Keep on Going

Keep on weaving that magic, that history that passion that love, keep on going

Keep on painting that siapo onto lau u'a that you alone had planted, nurtured, pounded, stretched, dried and meticulously decorated. Keep on Going.

  Keep on embracing your loved ones whenever you have the chance, keep on loving because you never know when they leave this world
 Keep on being a mother, but also a father to your children, keep on leading and excelling, in your chosen field.
Keep on focussing on the possibilities and not on the barriers
Keep on living, sharing, loving, and when they're old enough, they'll know that you have given them your all, Keep on loving
 Keep on loving other people's children like their own
 Keep on seeing the best in people and being there for others in need,
Keep on sharing your knowledge, empowering young people, wowing the children, reciting our histories, advocating for the vulnerable and being the incredible Queen that you are,
The woman who brought me into this world and continues to inspire me everyday. Mom, you are my original and forever #shero! Thank you for living your truth and for being the epitome of a strong passionate authentic loving mindful woman. I love you!

and from my end, I shall keep on procrastinating, now that it's almost midnight and my assignment is due soon, Keep on Going even when I keep digressing.

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