Thursday, February 09, 2017

The Vanilla Sausage Fest

The movers and shakers that hold the purse-strings in the most deprived areas of NZ, are not a representation of that area.

If we want to walk the talk, every Board, every Government funded organisation should have representation at the top. Making decisions.
Or at least, those at the top, be immersed in understanding the region and the people they are meant to work for.
As long as white old men continue the sausage fest at the top, change be sluggish. and impact will be on the whole, very vanilla. 

Representation and Diversity is crucial:

Not in a handout kind of way, but a real reflection and embracing of the diversity that is this region.

If you only have ham and cheese on your pizza, its boring, get creative and sprinkle some cajun and mint in there.

Think about it.

Declaimer: Not intended to offend anyone or directed at you. And if you're offended, Bye. 

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