Monday, January 16, 2017

Tuiga Season is here - or rather, the beginning is here

Photo credit: Yvette SJ.
Each year, in the lead up to Polyfest and Pasifika, I send a message to people in my networks here that if they want tuiga for Polyfest, to contact me well in advance.

yeah sure, they said.

Then, 2 weeks before Polyfest, I get loads of stressed out parents calling wanting stuff at the last minute.

So please please, if you're a taupou or manaia for Polyfest and you want a tuiga, then
please contact me before end of Feb or sooner so you won't be disappointed.
I can't accept requests on the week of Polyfest (for my own sanity).

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Malelega said...

Wow oka le aulelei o laei o taupou. Manaia le taumafaiga a matua i nei vaitaimi.