Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Fa'agukugukulua:Two faced advocacy

I've come to realise something interesting,

There are people who latch on to any issue or any initiative, to;
1. bring awareness because they care
2. get more likes and shares and popularity
3. because they care
4. because they want to be known and be seen to care

get my drift?


So, what I'm saying here is, it's all very well to stand on the mountain top and proclaim that we need to stand up to the bullies, be supportive and celebrate success.

But when you turn around and condone bullying, oh wait, you become the bully,

then I'm afraid you have simply become fa'agukugukulua, you have developed two mouths and the words falling out of one of your mouths contrasts with what's gushing out of the other.

The Moral of this fagogo is: Don't be a two mouthed coyote.

Be a one mouthed human.

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