Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Traversing the narrow edge

I went back to my primary school last week.
It brought back so many fond memories and laughter.
Much has changed - many for the good, thanks to a new management (Divine Mercy).
One of the activities we loved doing at school was this....we climbed the ledge of the catholic church and walked along it, from the easier part right up to the steep side.
We were not allowed but its one of those things , lol....
The medium difficulty part of the edge.....(several children have been injured in this activity,....and got back up to continue to competition chhooohoooo)...
The "DO NOT ACCESS AREA" which some kids still accessed and fell from anyway, oi aue.
 The Back of the church....where we used to walk past to go buy unripe mangoes from Leilua's house next door

View of Apolima and Upolu from the classrooms.

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