Monday, August 29, 2016

What would you do?

I have 2 scenarios for you today:

Scenario One:
A 'father', in his anger grabbed hold of his teenage daughter by the neck and attempts to choke her.
His family sit at the house nearby. And do not respond.
He slaps her violently. Repeatedly.
Only one person attempts to come to her rescue.
He continues.

Next scenario:
As she sits sulking in a public area (a burger place) among other people, he slaps her so hard that the other diners sat staring.

I have a question for whoever is reading this today.

What kind of person are you in the above situations?
Are you like the family above who sit back and let the 'father' lash out, because he is angry?
Are you the diner in a public place who minds their own business?

Whatever you do, I hope none of the above would happen to your loved ones. Let along a young woman who is stronger than most people I know. And someone who has so much to offer. SO much love and kindness and laughter and joy. No one deserves this, perhaps in my mind, the perpetrator themselves. If I could, that person would be maimed.

And so I tell you this, to those who let this happen:

"You have no heart, no love, no care in the world. You let a child get beaten. And then in the aftermath, you tell her, "Fa'alogo lelei I lou kama ma keige lelei"
Listen to your father and be a good girl"
You are cowards and you are as much- the violators as your own flesh and blood.

Just because you were raised in a world where getting a hiding is 'the norm' does not make it ok for that same (or rather, worse) beating is inflicted to someone else.

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Malelega said...

I would press charges and that family can all go to hell along with their abuser