Thursday, August 11, 2016

Justifying my absence, to myself really.

In the back of my mind, I had planned to do 1 blog update a week, this year.

So far, I have buggered up that plan in a big way.

on some weeks that I do update, its more of a kuluku job.

but on the bright side, I have been really busy doing several projects.

1. Reviving the art of storytelling as I know it, but with a fun twist :)
I've been telling fagogo in real life, and I'm a lot more organised and proactive about it this year.

As of July, I have covered 42 schools, and have returned to several in my area, ones that I have established relationships/connections with.

The things I'm proud of are:

- I'm more organised and clearer about what I am capable of
- I'm owning this, and not shy to speak my mind
- I'm happy
- I love what I'm doing,
- The kids seem to like it and most of the teachers I've worked with have asked for content and a repeat.

The things I suck balls at are:

- Planning my schedule well. I am crap at this.
- Saying NO. I can't summon the intelligence sometimes to just say NO. So I end up scrambling because I said YES to 3 schools in one day and they're far apart.
- Being assertive and bold about what I do.

2. Creative Project
Tuiga making is ongoing but sometimes that gets old, so I've been super thrilled about doing pieces this year that are not tuiga, some for actual dance companies (that pay well and don't do the kuluku, fangs much) and also making pieces for families to keep or to present.
If I win the lottery one day, (if I buy a ticket), this is what I will do full time: doing creative projects, storytelling, and getting a boob job. (Pugi).

3. The children
The children tend to keep me busy most days- MM is doing great, absolute bookworm, loves socialising with her friends, loved school, loves learning, and is such a sincere soul(unless it comes to her brother). She is a blessing this girl.
The Tuif, is a different story. I love him but my love for him is tested about 2 times a day. We have him playing rugby, swimming but he still has a truckload of energy to keep us on our toes. There are words I describe Tui, its ulu malo, ula vale, ulu ka'e. But to the palagi teacher, he is an inquisitive child with a lot of energy. Thankfully, he has calmed down a bt now that he's in school., he's slowly getting the memo, but his answers every night at the table are:

Q: What was the highlight of your day?
MM: I loved doing our compulsory task and doing jazz with my friend Maia.
Tui: I don't remember.
Tui: I liked playing outside
Tui: I liked eating lunch with my friend Ed, I ate his lunch because I ate mine at morning tea.

Q: On a scale of 1 being horrible and 10 being Excellent, how did you do in school today?
MM: 8
Tui: 10.
(And then the teacher emails to say he was sent to the BatCave (Principals office) again.
I think he is mixing 1 with 10, hah.

4.  My actual job
I love how my actual paying job is low on the list of reasons for being busy this year. Thankfully, I'm not as career crazy as I used to be. I'm quite happy with the balance at the moment, and work is work.
If, say that tomorrow, I got hit by a bus, or by the Tongan althete's flagpole and then died smiling, the fact will be, no one will care about the job. But your loved ones? They're the ones that matter and the ones who'll be saying
"Fefe e ia ogakae


Enter choy yourself. bullshit update turned out pretty, bullshitty. haha


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