Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Speaking your truth has reprecussions but failing to speak your truth means that corrupt people will continue to speak for you, and advocate for you, and assume that they are your leader in NZ.

E oo le vao.
Imagine you're deep in the forest, and you think you are alone, so you speak and your voice travels through the trees and into the ears of the person you speak of.(usually this is in the context of speaking ill of someone).
Thus, speak well because even in the depth of the jungle your words will travel.
That's what the proverb alludes but it also is a perfect analogy of why we, from small communities struggle to truly express a view, no matter how well founded or meaningful.
No matter where we are, our voices are never alone, and our views are always connected to us, our families and loved ones.
Now throw in politics and we have a situation called, a shit-storm also known as fucken shit storm.
In a western democratic sense, you can stand on the top of the hill and say, "I support Polo because he is a hardworking member of the community and is truthful and he cares. He is also well educated". You say this because you are aware of Polo's work, saw him support the bill that affects you (eg LGTBI+ gay marriage, anti smoking, education - whatever or googled it).
But if you are from a small place, and you went to school with someone who is connected to the other candidate Pa'u, who is also contesting but was involved in a corrupt deal a few years ago.(You saw this on google and in reality for example).
Then, your voice is going to be wavering in fear of the wrath of Pa'u, and because Pa'u's cousin is your uncle's emplyer's friend's uncle's niece.
Speaking your truth has reprecussions but failing to speak your truth means that corrupt people will continue to speak for you, and advocate for you, and assume that they are your leader in NZ.
I love coming from a small community, but I hate that it is also a tangled sinnet of relationships that are volatile, convoluted, hateful and deceit. Thankfully, there's ways that can solve this: stop going to church, or convert to a palagi church, haha but really.
Bless those churches that are about spiritual enlightenment and not about the financial contributions every week. Amen LoansrUs.
ok, that was me thoughts derailed.
My mantra is the same as last election, question, research and find out what politicians have to offer, their experience, google their names and what you come up with, go to public meetings and ask them questions.
They speak for you and me. Hold them accountable. Question them.
If they are not truthful to you today, they won't be truthful ever.
If they don't advocate for what you care about. Don't vote for them.
All too often, Pacific peopl are misled and blinded by politicians who rely on our familial-loyalty-repect-love relationships.
That era of voting because our parents voted also needs to be looked at. Are they still delivering?Look at the policies they propose.
And the current era of politicians who say they speak for us and are unsure what they stand for.
Ain't nobody got time.
PS: this post is about nobody in particular, so don't get your tarpaulines in a twist unnecessarily.

Monday, August 29, 2016

What would you do?

I have 2 scenarios for you today:

Scenario One:
A 'father', in his anger grabbed hold of his teenage daughter by the neck and attempts to choke her.
His family sit at the house nearby. And do not respond.
He slaps her violently. Repeatedly.
Only one person attempts to come to her rescue.
He continues.

Next scenario:
As she sits sulking in a public area (a burger place) among other people, he slaps her so hard that the other diners sat staring.

I have a question for whoever is reading this today.

What kind of person are you in the above situations?
Are you like the family above who sit back and let the 'father' lash out, because he is angry?
Are you the diner in a public place who minds their own business?

Whatever you do, I hope none of the above would happen to your loved ones. Let along a young woman who is stronger than most people I know. And someone who has so much to offer. SO much love and kindness and laughter and joy. No one deserves this, perhaps in my mind, the perpetrator themselves. If I could, that person would be maimed.

And so I tell you this, to those who let this happen:

"You have no heart, no love, no care in the world. You let a child get beaten. And then in the aftermath, you tell her, "Fa'alogo lelei I lou kama ma keige lelei"
Listen to your father and be a good girl"
You are cowards and you are as much- the violators as your own flesh and blood.

Just because you were raised in a world where getting a hiding is 'the norm' does not make it ok for that same (or rather, worse) beating is inflicted to someone else.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Justifying my absence, to myself really.

In the back of my mind, I had planned to do 1 blog update a week, this year.

So far, I have buggered up that plan in a big way.

on some weeks that I do update, its more of a kuluku job.

but on the bright side, I have been really busy doing several projects.

1. Reviving the art of storytelling as I know it, but with a fun twist :)
I've been telling fagogo in real life, and I'm a lot more organised and proactive about it this year.

As of July, I have covered 42 schools, and have returned to several in my area, ones that I have established relationships/connections with.

The things I'm proud of are:

- I'm more organised and clearer about what I am capable of
- I'm owning this, and not shy to speak my mind
- I'm happy
- I love what I'm doing,
- The kids seem to like it and most of the teachers I've worked with have asked for content and a repeat.

The things I suck balls at are:

- Planning my schedule well. I am crap at this.
- Saying NO. I can't summon the intelligence sometimes to just say NO. So I end up scrambling because I said YES to 3 schools in one day and they're far apart.
- Being assertive and bold about what I do.

2. Creative Project
Tuiga making is ongoing but sometimes that gets old, so I've been super thrilled about doing pieces this year that are not tuiga, some for actual dance companies (that pay well and don't do the kuluku, fangs much) and also making pieces for families to keep or to present.
If I win the lottery one day, (if I buy a ticket), this is what I will do full time: doing creative projects, storytelling, and getting a boob job. (Pugi).

3. The children
The children tend to keep me busy most days- MM is doing great, absolute bookworm, loves socialising with her friends, loved school, loves learning, and is such a sincere soul(unless it comes to her brother). She is a blessing this girl.
The Tuif, is a different story. I love him but my love for him is tested about 2 times a day. We have him playing rugby, swimming but he still has a truckload of energy to keep us on our toes. There are words I describe Tui, its ulu malo, ula vale, ulu ka'e. But to the palagi teacher, he is an inquisitive child with a lot of energy. Thankfully, he has calmed down a bt now that he's in school., he's slowly getting the memo, but his answers every night at the table are:

Q: What was the highlight of your day?
MM: I loved doing our compulsory task and doing jazz with my friend Maia.
Tui: I don't remember.
Tui: I liked playing outside
Tui: I liked eating lunch with my friend Ed, I ate his lunch because I ate mine at morning tea.

Q: On a scale of 1 being horrible and 10 being Excellent, how did you do in school today?
MM: 8
Tui: 10.
(And then the teacher emails to say he was sent to the BatCave (Principals office) again.
I think he is mixing 1 with 10, hah.

4.  My actual job
I love how my actual paying job is low on the list of reasons for being busy this year. Thankfully, I'm not as career crazy as I used to be. I'm quite happy with the balance at the moment, and work is work.
If, say that tomorrow, I got hit by a bus, or by the Tongan althete's flagpole and then died smiling, the fact will be, no one will care about the job. But your loved ones? They're the ones that matter and the ones who'll be saying
"Fefe e ia ogakae


Enter choy yourself.

wow......my bullshit update turned out pretty, bullshitty. haha


That coconut oil covered man.

I saw the pic of the Tongan athlete and Konai Helu Thaman's poem came to mind....

You come clad in your fine mats and tapa cloth
Your brown skin bursting with fresh perfumed oil...

Your eyes shining like stars in a clear night
YOU, the choice of my parents.

You will bring them wealth and fame
With your western-type education
And second-hand car.
But you do not know me, my prince
Save that I am first born and have known no other man;
I fit your plans and schemes for the future.
But you cannot see the real me
My face is masked with pretence and obedience
And my smiles tell you that I care
I have no other choice

The priest has left the altar now
And the dancing has begun;
I see myself dying slowly
To family and traditions;
Stripped of its will and carefree spirit,
Naked on the cold and lonely waters
Of a strange family shoreline
Alienated from belonging truly.
I love as a mere act of duty
My soul is far away
Clinging to that familiar ironwood tree
That heralds strangers
To the land of my ancestors
I will bear you a son
To prolong your family tree
And fill the gaps in your genealogy.
But when my duties are fulfilled
My spirit will return to the land of my birth
Where you will find me no more
Except for the weeping willows along the shore.

Ia ua lelei makagaga - choohooo.,...

so um, yeah - what was this update about?

...I was thinking, that all the palagi women who were swooning thinking, imam get me a Tongan man.

Ae taunuu atu le va'alele ae welcome mai I le:

Ofa atu,