Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Your Samoan Language Class Topic tonight: Emotions.

Welcome to your evening edition of Samoan language classes that you didn't sign up for🤔.
Take a seat on the virtual mat.
Oh wait, lie down and pretend you're in a fale and your Granma is about to tell a fagogo (bedtime story).
Tonight, we focus on emotions and how to decipher these:
Happiness (Lagona fiafia)is expressed through laughter. Or tears. But you can also slap the giver of happiness lightly on the shoulder.
Oh harder if you really like them.
A friendly punch means he she wants to copulate with you in the near future.
Kala mogi - True story󾮖🏾
There's different types of laughter and levels that only your mother can read. A loud cackle can be deciphered as aka kauvalaau, a laugh to attract attention from a potential partner.
Samoans take laughter to the next level. If there was an Olympics for laughter, we'll win.
Samoans laugh when:
- Someone falls down
- someone drops their lavalava
- someone cries
- they don't know the answer2questions
- when they're nervous
- when they're angry (aka ae Koko Le pupula)
- when someone doesn't speak English properly(even if they too can't speak it
(Aka aamu)
- someone feigns interest
- someone doesn't have a clue what's going on
- when they're broke and want to be in favour with someone nearby with money who cracks unfunny jokes
- when they are genuinely happy
- when they're being deceitful or sly - also known as aka kaufaasee- laugh that will make you slide down something).
Continuing on with emotions, males or females can write to each other, and the language will put Shakespeare to shame.
A popular beginning to love letters can be "It's as if yams are growing on my body when I first see you. It is exceptional the feelings that overcome me, it's exceptional your beautiful, my spirit elopes from my being when I think of you. My rock diamond and precious shell in the deep ocean. I want to eat your oyster"
Oh sorry class, wrong edition.
Back to PG version:
Happiness is shouting out chooohoooo or clapping (Pati Pati)
Samoan humans are generally happy people. We are happy when our loved ones are well, when our children are successful, when our lotto ticket comes out with a win, when a bowl of Palolo is placed before us.
Sometimes, being happy is tiring.
And my happy post has come to a happy end.
This is dedicated to the Queen of aka kauvalaau Hoy who is also my friend and inspiration this week.
Ia manuia faiga story kaeao HoyHoy Neng Wong Soon maua se ai nice󾍇
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