Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Samoan word lesson of the day

Samoan word of the day: loia.

Three meanings:

1. direct transliteration of lawyer. The loia's fees are expensive and even worse is that they lost the court case.

2. Ant infestation: Ua loia le ipu ki, The cup is full of ants. ...

3. The stage where you have eaten and you are full but you continue eating until you are loia, lethargic and unable to function. Use in a sentence, Eh, ua ka loia lava i le aiga o le fasipovi masima. (Behold! I am loia from eating that salted beef).

So essentially, you could say that:

The loia left the court room and realised his suitcase was loia from the chocolates his girlfriend left in there. Thankfully, his wife had prepared him a scrumptious meal of fuarose and taro which made him very loia.

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