Monday, June 13, 2016

Money tuiga is not samoan culture. its samoan culture created by samoans in america, so its american/samoan new culture.

Money Tuiga is something that has been made popular by Samoans in the States in recent years.
It is NOT a tradition (well now it is in America among those who have been doing it for a while).
But please -----know that it is something that is recent and is not a MUST in a graduation.
It's yet an example of how we take our cultural values, inject cash and no class into it until you're broke as a mo'fo and then call it culture.
And for families who are unsure and feeling pressured, DO NOT DO IT.

If you have cash growing on the tree outside your house, go for it. If you are well off and have money to throw away, do it. Make a money tuiga, but please, if you can't afford it - Don't do it.

What is it with our people and the obsession with "Bigger and Better and Grander!"

This is why we have so much dramas, because we bend over backwards to look fab ae uma ae le fa'auuga kago I le u.f.a.

And that, my darlings, should hopefully stop people from emailing me about making money tuigas. lol.


#tackyculture #culturemisconstrued

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kuaback said...

AMEN to the bend over backwards ae uma a'e kago i le U.F.A...o le fiakagaka lava o le malo people...
and get this..people pay money to get a money tuiga done....pei ua leaga ea ulu