Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Dressing up indigenous language in a fancy suit

I always find it intriquing when academia
Spends so much time interviewing indigenous people, measuring, photographing, focus-grouping, observing their 'otherness'
 and then,
They go away.
They wrap up the information, write it, package it, sell it, speak it, own it, critique it
  Pitch it in international conferences and use it eloquently to their advantage.
The indigenous person has given/empowered the researcher and accelerated their career,
The indigenous person on the other hand?
 Gains nada.
Just another 'other'
giver of ideas, thank you, goodbye.
 One day the indigenous person goes to school and is taught 'case studies' and learnings packaged in foreign terms...but, by then,
.......palagified and,  
Stripped of its original essence and mana.
However, when you take the time to peel pack the layers of convoluted terms and papa'a notions,
therein lies,
                                               . .  .    the indigenous perspective.

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