Thursday, March 31, 2016


There is something about some Samoans which is just astounding. I say this as a Samoan.

In matters of faith, we tend to lose all common sense and ability to critical analyse what we hear and see.

I suppose this is why churches will continue to be rich and church ministers continue to expand,
because we are so so farken gullible and will believe everything that is told to us.

Worse yet, ...the moment it makes it on TV ---it's OFFICIAL!

I had a think about our existence as a race - because you know, (I'm a Goddess Philosopher like that sometimes shuddup lol), and I thought about how we can be healthy, sound of mind human beings.

Us in a dish
One of the things that sets us as a people apart in a great way is our faith, but we throw that faith inside a big pot of pride gravy and then stir in some fia maka muamua, BUT we then choose to NOT include a sprinkling of education and open mindedness herbs,
That above it a perfect concoction for a toxic SHIT STORM stew.

The Less is More Basket

One day, we will wake up, smell the stench that is religion, which has hijacked our faith journey and we will be so much better off.
We will be more open minded.
We will be less poor. Less worried about what others say.

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