Sunday, February 28, 2016

RUnning 80 kms and cheering from the sideline

Yesterday --Saturday, Frenchy was running the 80k Hillary Trial - so I to rally up the fanauga a isaraelu to support,
we parked up at Piha and waited an hour before he arrived and ran past (1 hour to wait, saw him for 2 mins) then saw him at the end.
Being a supporter made me hungry.
In the time he was running, I ate a mince and cheese pie, a packet of chip, 2 peaches, pizza, coconut juice, water, more pizza and a tikka pie and just to stay hydrated, I drank 3 coffees.
Today, I went for my own run. Except, I'm not a runner.
And,...I was running a small hill and just about died.

far out I am unfit as

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Sackerson said...

Added you to my blog list a while back. Lucky you, to live in Samoa!