Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Makagaga mama

My baby boy started school today, and if you've met my baby boy, you'll remember him (maybe not for the cutest reasons:)... I'm so proud of him being so grown up but my heart broke a little because I felt we didn't prepare him enough, we're not there enough for him, that he is not even able to write the whole alphabet and may not cope well and might struggle with transitioning to school routine.
I felt so angry inwardly, at how screwed up our priorites are, I should be there to pick him and and drop him everyday and join him for school events every week. I hated that I had to work. I questioned myself and vowed to ask about reducing my work hours this year.
And then, I just cried a river on the way home. 
But the memory of him this morning gave me solace.
He waved goodbye from the door as he chest-bumped into one of his besties and then they fell and he tripped on a little girl who cried and Tui feigned interest and walked away from the commotion.
I worry.
But I think he will be ok.

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