Friday, January 08, 2016

There is something sick about us.

there is something sick about (some of) my people

... one of those things is their nonchalance about caring for and the wellbeing of children.
We brag about children as our blessings from God and whatnot, but it makes me sick when I see people of my ethnicity who: fail to care for their young.
Who look the other way when children are violated.
Who feign ignorance when children are left to roam uncared for.
...sent onto the streets to sell goods instead of being educated.
Children let into the water to drown while adults snooze and sizzle turkey tails on makeshift bbqs

There is something sickening about how we feed our children food that we know is unhealthy.
We buy them
Red Bull'
V Energy drinks
And fizz
And twisties - blinding ourselves to the fact that we set them up for a life of problems.
We do this. Knowingly.
We love them, while we feed them to death.

There is something vile about my people where our pride is bigger than our resources, our ability, strength and sustenance.
We thrive on our pride.
Our chests widen as our names and monetary donations are announced at the pulpit on sunday, but we shrug off having to pay for our children's school donation/fees/medical assistance.
'Proud to be Samoan' 'Samoa for Life' "I love the faasamoa" 'Samoan Pride' cluttering social media, table cloths, ie lavalavas, car boots and. Forearms.

There is something heart breaking about our perchance for glamour on social media while in reality, we are too cowardly to face our fears. To talk to someone. To communicate. To place our phones aside and see the world around us.

There is something sick about a people who appropriate culture to justify actions. "Leaga o a kakou ku ma agagu'u lava"
There is something sicker about an enthicity who cry foul about racism and hate, but who fail to look within themselves, within their own lotoifale for solutions to the problems they refuse to admit, exists.

There is something sick, about us.

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LD said...

It's a world wide epidemic. If things have become so bad in our lifetime, one can only imagine what will happen in the next lifetime. Unfortunately I feel it will only be worse. I have to blame myself for adding to the problem. At 53, with 5 daughters and a son, I look back and see that I contributed. Not intentionally, but insensitively. I see I was selfish with my time and not strict enough with my morals.