Friday, January 08, 2016

Seasons Greetings and realities

It's been a chaotic fun filled, food overloaded and exciting season with family and dear friends............................


I don't know about you but I can't tolerate people going on and on and on about how amazing their holidays were. In fact, I mentally shoot people in the head when they pull out their photos and show their trip picture by picture. Really, I can't stay focussed through that.
I (mentally) get out a special weapon, a faga meme'i to be exact and zero in on the person's forehead while they're bragging. ....and the. BAM. End of holiday story.

So, Now that we're on the same page (or hopefully I've lost those above), lets get back to reality.
Some of my realities are as follows, and I assure you that this update will leave you smiling and realising you're not doing so bad after all):

1. The Holiday season for me brings out the gorilla in our familial relations. Something as simple as organising dinner ends up sounding like Kennedy negotiating with the Russians and Cubans to please please don't nuke us to smithereens. Somehow, emotions run high when we plan food. choohooo.  There are so many nuances and drama-filled moments that unfold long before dinner is served. Thankfully, while I love my family, I also don't live with everyone close by, so I always think ahead and mentally say, ...this will all be over soon.

2. The holiday season is the one time where I wish I was Chinese, and where I wish Mao Tse Tung invaded Samoa in 1920 and enforced a ONE, ok, maybe that's too harsh, a THREE (max)child policy.  Three children maximum per couple. And obviously enforce that work ethic which is largely absent. If this was done, we wouldn't have to stress about presents for a gazillion children. But, we are Samoan, e kiga lava le makiva ae oi aue....

3. Church. Donations. Nuff said.

4. Food wastage

5. Tis the season when it floods and cyclones rage in the Pacific, so we're sometimes on edge because Mom lives in the

6. Refer back to point 1, about familial relations and in particular, people who continually let others down. and i'll end my list here or else the familial standoff will overlap into February hahaha.

The highlight for me though,(and this is now your turn to mentally nuke me) is that I got to spend a lot of time with my mom.  She went to Geneva for a conference in Dec, but the clowns who organised her travel buggered up her travel itinerary in a grand way, as in she had no accommodation for some of the days and the route she got what the longest and most ridiculous times ever. When she got back, she was knackered, but after a few days of recuperating was back to her ol' self.
The last few weeks of having her home reminded me how damn grateful I am that she is around, and her knowledge and recollection of events - even in her early years are brilliant. My two loved having her over, and she had built a rather special relationship with our troublesome 4 and a half year old.
I (and mom) named him after an ancestor of our family, who many believe is half human/half aitu(ghost) and even today, despite my mom's Christian faith, believes that tis ancestor protects us. So when she is with our boy, she tells him all these stories about the namesake. The boy is already a ulavale and le kea kid as it is, but after hearing mom's stories, his eyes light up and he acts a little too much on the mimika side.
Anyhow, she's home again, along with the omanis - who are posting non-stop pics of their holiday at amanaki, we miss our little Manu who is the most sincere cheerful loving boy I know(opposite of the 2 older boys:)

Our next lot of family we are looking forward to are the Niueans who are coming over after the season of madness.

Followed by, the SamoAmericans who are visiting their uncle Obama. They also have with them the most precious new addition to our family, our beautiful Toa boy. Safe travels errybody!!


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