Tuesday, September 01, 2015

A sad march long ago and one of hope, today.

I was reading "The Book Thief" last week and it's such a beautifully written book, a traumatic era of our human history (WWII and the murder of millions of Jews in Germany).

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In this book, one of the most saddest parts is of Jews being marched through streets in small German towns on their way to concentration camps.
Just imagine yourself - living your own life now and imagine then, having your loved ones taken away and being humiliated in public. Tragic.

Having been in Germany several times., it is heart-breaking to think and to put myself in their shoes:
To be unwanted and vilified for simply, being them, unwanted in a Germany that had been narrowly defined by one cruel dictator.

Last night, I finally finished the book and it struck me the beautiful irony on something I saw on the news:

Germans at train stations waving flowers and welcoming signs to the refugees of war, terrorism and hate.

It was such a beautiful sight, and to me, it feels so right - that many  have shown their humanity for those who need it most.

On the same streets, where fear once ruled, humanity has prevailed.

Photo credit: The Independent.co.uk

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