Saturday, June 13, 2015

A small place, lived a woman with a big heart, which beats, intertwines and breathes life into each of us, regardless

This morning, I woke up and saw that a prolific and inspirational woman has left this world too soon, and with her, her passion, love, compassion, drive and influence.
And I found myself weeping for her children, her grandchildren and loved ones.

I am so so so so sad for you Sula.

You are all in our thoughts.

One of the very things I absolutely admired about this beautiful woman was her wonderful, warm and loving relationship to her children and those around her.
Another is her mana with words and with communicating her message. I admired that and I loved that her daughter carries this with her, bless.

I feel that when these wrods are uttered,  "e, ua maliliu toa (the warriors have gone) ---Ua ma'umau ai a'upega o le taua (and the weapons of war are wasted), I am thinking of this prolific leader who now takes with her weapons our people so desperately need, weapons of knowledge, weapons of history, genealogy, weapons of humility and her departure leaves us with a void that will be impossible to fill.

But it leaves me hopeful, that in her years, she has inspired several generations of students throughout Samoa and US, NGo circles and academia, her families and friends - and many more who have crossed the oceania - each having seen a warrior lead, inspire, influence and empower
Ia manuia lau malaga i le lagi.

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MrsF said...

Nice tribute :)