Thursday, May 21, 2015

Samoan language, Culture and more faikakalas

We are being encouraged this week to use the samoan language and upload it on social media ----even if you don't speak it ---even it is just to say "Talofa" or "Tofa"
Even if you're not Samoan (: Oui!

But in the midst of all this, I had a real deeeep thhink about the samoan language and it made me almost cry. oh wait, that was the wine effect but still, It made me reflect hard. And the more I looked at the ceiling, the more I felt so elated and pleased with with ummm, with how beautiful my language is.

What is important about my language? To me personally?
Being able to understand the samoan language has allowed me to appreciate my culture and the tofamamao / vision of my ancestors (oka! move over Whale Rider).
Our language is filled with meaningful references to our environment.
When we fail to resolve matters or have come up with poor solutions, someone may advise, "Tu'utu'u I le loloto lau upega" ...Cast your fishing net into the deep.
And it conjures an image of us fishing in the shallows and catching only avavas - which we all know are the first to feast on momos/shit.
But if you cast your upega into the deep - you will catch larger fish and be more successful.
I love this saying because it reminds me also that many a time, we tend to cut corners and do things half heartedly and we walk away with mediocre outcomes. But for those who cast their net into the deep, while it is hard work and there are more dangers/ obstacles, the rewards are plentiful.

I am blessed to know a little about my culture and I love sharing and celebrating this with others. I love seeing Samoans abroad - who have been raised in a palagi world make an effort.
I love that they do so, knowing full well the nature of many samoans who are fluent, that they can be absolute judgemental shitheads when someone struggles to speak.
Don't be deterred!

What really makes me happy (aside from a wholesome orgasmic... culinary meal) is seeing more and more people attempt samoan and seeing even more people support and cheer them on,

For my brothers and sisters who do speak the language, please don't be assholes to those who are trying. just sayin'.

Now that I have totally ruined the kindred spirited nature of my blog update,

I want to say a very merry joyful Happy Birthday to my darling sister, Lagipoiva who continues to wow us with her achievements but more so her love and kindred spirit,
For someone so young, this girl has done a lot of great things in her life.
We are extremely proud of you Lagipoiva.
Alofaaga mai ou aiga uma I Niu SIla, Ausetalia, America ma le vaitafe o Ioritana.


MrsF said...

HAHAHA. I'm gonna be a judgmental asshole this week just to piss you off. :P Tofa soifua!

Goddess said...

Kaitae!!!! faakali oe e. I forget to get a recording from you Professor Dr Brighouse