Saturday, May 23, 2015

Reading the discussions at the EFKS meeting

and in particular, the financials, makes me want to vomit.

“For the information of everyone, the John Williams project has exceeded the approved budget from the 2012 annual meeting which was $2.5million.
“It has now cost us $3 million.” Le Mamea said that until the work for the Jubilee church is completed, there should be no more funds going towards John Williams building.
According to Le Mamea, $5million has already been spent on raw materials and other works for the Jubilee church.
The initial budget for the project is $7.2 million but Le Mamea fears that it might not be enough.
“At this stage we are looking at about $12 million for the Jubilee…the same goes with the John Williams, it’s not enough”.
Prior to the Chairman of the Finance Committee’s announcement of the overdraft, several representatives at the meeting voiced their concerns about the multi-million-tala projects.
Samoa Observer, 20th May

Oi Malia e,

 Millions are being mismanaged at this level while church members struggle to make ends meet.

I cannot wait for the day for more people to wake up and realise they don't need to GIVE so much of their money to sustain a church that no longer served its original purpose.

Wake up, wake up wake up.


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George Autagavaia said...

Interesting but true your comment although I think the church has lost its way and needs direction to become relevant to its members and truly reflective of its context....but that's just the musings of a disturbed mind.