Thursday, May 28, 2015

Perspective, huh

The last 2 weeks have been extremely challenging for me in so many ways, and there were days where simply getting out of bed felt like a huge achievement.
I'm car-less, Tui fell backwards at daycare and threw up - so we spent some time keeping an eye and being cautious and his behaviour lately has just put everyone to the test,  the weather has been SHIT, I haven't exercised in 2 weeks and in general, I just felt like shit,
...anyhow, tonight, I had been at work and was heading to LL's house to spend the night - but found out that my niece is still at school planning her Samoa event, so I thought, - sweet ---imam park up at maccas and do some work before we go home together.

I just felt suddenly, miserable.
Simply, felt sorry for myself so much that I wanted to ball my eyes out in the middle of macdonalds.
The only thing stopping me is the mascara I'm wearing doesn't run well and my niece will laugh in my face and will probably snapchat me crying.
so yeah ---while I was in the midst of my pity party for one, along with my double cheeseburger, this bloke walked towards me to sit at the empty table next to me.
I instantly recognised him from uni in the Waikachang. We used to get absolutely shitfaced in the halls and we used to celebrate getting C+ in our papers. He walks with a sorta limp.  Kagia ---you know who I'm talking about.
Anyhow, he looked a little worse for wear and now his slight limp is an obvious problem that he struggles to walk.
We had a good chat and he's very excited about a job interview tomorrow with one of the large Telco companies in the city.
After about half an hour - I realised that he didn't just live down the road. He simply, lived in the city ---somewhere -without a home,  thus his winter gear and handcarry.
Then, because I think I'm a like a Goddess in terms of Career advice, we ended up practicing his interviewing and discussed possible questions. The job is a call center type role but he is desperate for any job.  
After an hour,  he gets up to leave and we promise to keep in touch.

Now, -----at this point, I couldn't help my tears but this time, its tears of anger at myself.
for being so friggin ungrateful and selfish.

Here I am, I have a home, a family and a life that full of comfort. What have I really got to whine about?


sometimes, we just need to remove ourselves from our daily lives in order to appreciate what we have.
Thank you C. Thank you for the reminder that there is much to celebrate, '
that there are others with great struggles who deserve happiness
that my trials and tribulations pale in comparison
that we are surrounded by the goodness of the people around us.
manuia le aso,

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