Saturday, March 14, 2015

Times are a changin'

I have not updated in ages - but for good reason, ...I can't be arsed.

However, a lot of things happened. 

Like, I resigned.
And all my colleagues laughed in my face. Thinking I was being funny. 
Anyhow, yes - I resigned. Then the laughter ended and there was "WTF?" oi aue.  

I won't miss the politics or the egos - but I will miss my friends and most of all, the amazing young people I work with and their families, all of whom want the best for their loved ones.  
I will miss those relationships that truly.
But - change is good.

And seeing how the changes have been shoddily mismanaged by the current employer leaves much to be desired. Ma ua sau foi le matua ia se,
Life is too short to be stuck in a rut pretending you give a schmuck

But before I bugger off, Pasifika Festival is tomorrow and I'm helping a friend at Samoa Village sell stuff and eat authentic samoan food like chop seuy, pork buns and ice cream.  


Laura Writes said...

"Life is too short to be stuck in a rut pretending you give a fuck."

I need this on a tshirt

Goddess said...

Aww, thank you Laura (: Clearly, in the midst of my angry pantiness something made sense hahah

Siusega said...

Wui fea ke alu ai a sissy? Be there first week April :)