Thursday, February 26, 2015

I'm doing a stall at Pasifika Festival again.

in Samoa Village with 2 friends.

we'll be selling all things fabulous. 

(...hmmmm, ailoga)

anyhow, will also be selling tuiga - but i have the usual problem of Polyfest happening right after - so e oo atu i le aso o le pasefika ua uma ga faakau kuiga, so am working hard to have some extras. 
operative term i omitted there is 'trying'

And I knw you're probably thinkng, why not make more? as is the law of economics etc.

well, the answer is,, ua ka pisi lava.

what else is happening:
- Queensland fruitfly means that Pasifika will move to Manukau.
- MM lost 3 teeth in one day and has 2 adult ones coming through
- La Tuif is still his cheerful inquisite self who pushes the boundaries and pushes me towards the cliff's edge most days. Oh joy.
- SJ and L are off to Niue with the whanau - yipeeee!!!! and we see them soon before they fly off.

oh, last news, exciting changes about to happen (:

Super exciting. 

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Raneeta Failua said...

might see you there fotu