Monday, January 12, 2015

my mom has been home for a while now., and man, she is driving me through the walls and down the gutter with these habits:

I'd ask: "Mom, do you want some breakfast/lunch/whatever?" ...Response, "Eh, lava ga meaai, i'm not hungry"

30 mins later "a'o se meaai foi se, ua ka mole"

Then at EVERY MEAL...."that is far too much food, kua kou faama'umau mea'ai se"....shortly thereafter, all food goneski.

and then there's the "who took my perfume?" (recovers it in the purse which is in the handbag that is inside the toilet bag in her carry on tugged away in her 3rd suitcase).

Aside from those small irritations, I love my mom. 

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