Tuesday, November 04, 2014

young love down dark corridors

Every time I come across a young couple in school corridors - I get slightly shocked, each time. 
Embracing the opposite sex in a school environment was so so taboo in my time, back in 1956 before telephones reached Savaii and we swam miles to get to school.
Anyhow, I digress. Young love in school corridors. 
I mean, I once looked at a boy in a manner not becoming of a young obedient virgin angel and I was called a whore at assembly. By my form teacher.
Who herself was a ..oh, where was I?
Yes, young love.
It got me thinking.
How we got so many things wrong in our time, and still ---today.
Many of these young loves have healthy relationships - in the open.
Without fear or shame or judgement.
How cool is that?
I really need to keep reminding myself I am in 2014 and I am not in a Catholic school, run by nuns.
Yet, how many young women from that school became nuns?

ok....i lost my train of thought there -

My message to myself is,...its okay, don't be shocked. Just get those credits though and get a qualification is what I'm sayin'
and i also need to suppress the urge to say "auuuu, moemimi! fai meaaoga fia tita ai" and be more of a new age, im down with that....riiighht!

kailo se

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