Monday, November 24, 2014

Manu Samoa underwear debacle ....I was doing my Monday morning ritual of reading  blogs for inspiration - and then I looked up oi aue ua ka le 10. aikeste ia se.

anyway - rather than have a full on intellectual (haha) update about the Manu dramas- please go read Faikakala prego girl's post, and this is me continuing on from there,.

So yeah, ...e sa'o oe Fotu, kusa the real gist of this protest excercise is:

Kusa ua fa'aali aku uma i le lalolagi a tatou faafitauli. And, justifiably so, however, o lea tonu le outcome aoga o le'a maua nei?

For me, it was successful in exposing the rot that is SRU and its poor governance. 
This is awkward because Stui is the guru of the words: Transparency and Accountability.
While most people are defending him and others are the other extreme attacking him, I am in the middle about this: He is copping it while his clowns are hiding, but at the same time, he needs to be accountable as Chairperson - he okays what happens. But yeah - he's not doing himself any favors by being sarcastic about it....those funny remarks came out wrong in english.

-Manu Samoa has dramas now, but if not Tuilaepa, who will correct all this? ...and please no more former players in Management - just because you can pass a ball back in 1906 doesn't make you a competent sports administrator.     

SO, in brief, here's my intellectual analogy, You're welcome!

Manu Samoa debacle was about:
Airing our madakan underwear to the world.

Ua matou lelavava ofu so'o nei underwear masaesae. A leai so'u underwear fou o le'a ou le taalo. 

IRB has responded with:
"O lea la'u mea a fai aku i le kou underwear? Kui le penti ma alu e ka'alo" 

Sa kakau ga makou figau malosi ia suia ikuaiga underwear mo kama ka'aalo, ae paga lea - ua uma lo makou kaimi ae o le'a ou faakelewind aku pea i le makaupu.
"Moimimimi, kakau ga oukou fiafia i underwear ua avatu e le atunuu mo outou. E toatele e ua uma ona ofuina underwear malepelepe na, ae leai ma se complain. Vaai i le mea o le'a ou faia ia ke oukou pe'a oukou fo'i mai"

Have a wonderful and fresh undies kind of week. 


its just moi said...

hahahahahahaha...nuff said! Sao lelei oe se. Thanks for the laughs!!

Siusega said...

Bwaaaahahaha. Aooo ai undawea!

Fotu said...

Can't stop laughing at your dirty undies analogy.Any way you slice it, it's pretty skiddy aye, lol

Good luck & Good night.

QueenB said...

LMAO! Aikalo se.. Best aia lau analogy, happy clean underwears!