Thursday, November 06, 2014

Catcalling in New York vs Catcalling in Samoa

I was watching that vid of the woman walking around in NY and men are commenting, chatting, catcalling her. 
I just laughed because, well....the comments the men are saying are pretty lame compared to the shit we hear in Samoa. 

There, the men are outrightly upfront about their calling.....its like, ...oh look, vagina walking down the road, lets all go:

and the moment you respond in anger or disagreement?

oh they just take it to another the thing is to ignore them completely or respond smartly (shame them out).

I remember being heavily pregnant, with my partner and trying to wade through the puddles at market to get to the ATM. Meanwhile,  the AH Him construction fuckheads were whistling and catcalling ....and i'm like, "Kefe, e ke vaai mai a e fai lo'u koalua ma o lea la'u fagau ae valaau mai a?"

The one closest to me responded "O la'u baby lega?" (is that my baby you're carrying?)....and some more cheeky comments. I was too tired to respond further, so they went back to their mucking around

Samoan men (this is a generalisation so don't get your jumbo undies in a twist over it) are generally real charmers and enjoy sexual inuendos/banter. They will rock up to your husband at a party/dance/disco and say "can I take your wife for a dance?" in a very nice matter....then when youre on the dancefloor...they will friggin' propose to you. Straight up. While dancing and smiling at your husband. 

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evotia said...

I felt the very same while watching that video. There was a bridge we had to cross in my old village. And, of course, there were the bridge boys you had to ignore and keep a straight face across the bridge. sometimes successful.. and sometimes.. u wish the damn bridge would collapse.