Tuesday, October 07, 2014

There are Two kinds of advocates /activists

in the world today.

1. Those who work hard and effect change in actually doing the work. They gain little or accolades or when they do, it takes a lot of time and it doesn't become a priority. They are there because they are passionate about doing the work.

2. Those who stand on the cyber mountaintops and shout it out, esp on social media in a desperate cry for attention ('look at me' 'look at me' I'm a saviour') and hang around for the next issue to ride. But actually getting their feet dirty  in doing the hard yard? ....hell no, ....let them eat cake!

Which advocate are you? 

Don't tell me, tell yourself. 


MrsF said...

But I want to tell you!


Ok den...:( Lol.

Fotu said...

lol. truen truen