Tuesday, September 09, 2014

musu musu atu

Now that SIDS is gone, the proof of the pudding is in the ....AFTERMATH.

The dialogue has come and gone, and let us see what will eventuate. 

While we celebrate a fantastic event which was hosted with finesse by Samoa (frigging amazing I say!), I now wonder what will actually happen.
Actually, scratch that.

This is what I WANT TO HAPPEN:

- More young people being given the opportunity to prove themselves. and when I say more young people, I mean more NEW faces and more of the young people who are not connected already.

Please, enough of the nepotism and please help develop more people.

Reach out to the youth who are instrumental in the aukalavous in Faasaleleaga and Falealili and Palauli and everywhere else, 

BUT eh- get this, ....that ain't gonna happen.

Because, it is far too much effort to go out and find new champions, its much easier and less work to use the same people.
It is less hassle and 'safer'

That is the Broblem we face. 

Nepotism. People being territorial and not sharing their knowledge. 

.....speaking of which, i was sharing some knowledge today and the kid at the front was like 'muss, your stockings are ripped'

*pugi i fiki le drop kick i lou ulu*

fanks you.


MrsF said...


Yes, I completely agree with you on the whole territorial bs back home. Need to put more young people at the forefront of development. The old farts have had their time. Time to bring in fresh ideas and less than tired faces.

Jodie for PM! Whoohoo! Lol.

Shhh, teine, afea e ke sau e faakiekie a'u i lau kaavale fou? ;) Ha!

Goddess said...

kika, kaeao kaua, lea le kaimi o lau lunch? pe so'o se kaimi aua o eo ga'e pule sili iiga?

MrsF said...

Ia a pule...o le a le kaimi o lou "fogo" gae fai mai ii? Faakakau mai ile lunch hour faamolemole leaga o makou lea e fufulu toilet a'o lau afioga gae pule sili. :P