Thursday, August 07, 2014

My Mother is also a Village Qualified Doctor who has a cure to all ailments:

To give you an example....I was tell her about MM's eczema which flares up in winter.
And like most ailments, he solution is the same:

Dear ****,

Sei alu atu  Simon ma avatu se faguu Samoa e taumafai e uu ai pea le
tino when she goes to sleep and not during the day leaga e uu le faguu
 -     But look at all of you o le mea lena na taumafai ai lava e uu
pea outou i le uu Samoa when you were young as I think e i ai se
incredient in the oil e strengthen ai le skin -   maimau pe ana mafai
ona smuggle atu se  root o le milikini as it is now the Samoan
treatment for all skin  and open wound.   I have distributed the
plant  widely and everyone had vouched that it does miracle including
the head of State.

O le aoga foi ia i muscle pain ou te moe ai lava i le po e fusi ai ou
tuli and  ankles.

Aua le faaaogaina na cream   e maimau lava le taimi.   The Fijian oil
is good too.

Love you and tell Maeva I miss her and Tui  so am trying to divert our
trip to Auckland on our way to  Beijing to see the children on our way
back with Tala.

Alofa atu.


Nuff said. 

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