Saturday, August 30, 2014

I'm not dead, thank you! (Ps NOT a cry for attention! serious)

So, I've been sick much of this week and some of last week. 
It started with sinuses, which I normally snap out off in 3 ish days....then headaches, then back pain, then shit gets real and I am like, in real pain......not Kardashian pain but real malala struggle. 
(Hold the violins, I'm not finished). 
Tui got sick, with me.,
Which means his sickness cancels out mine. 
But on Wednesday and Thursday, we were both equally, very unwell.
His most comfortable place to sleep was slumping onto my chest, all 18kg of him, ...which is mostly his coconut head. 
It gave me a stiff neck and shoulders.
At 3am on Thursday, I was going to change the bedding (again) which he had puked on....and I thought,
Omg, if I die, who is going make sure he brushes his teeth? Argh! (Dramatic scene 1, act 2)
Then other equally stressful thoughts came to mind, 
Who is going to take my Maeva to see the places I love (dramatic scene ii lady Macbeth) 
Finally, who is going to update my blog????? Hahaha 
Priorities hah!
It's now Saturday, and both tui and I are on the mend, but wait!
Yesterday, Maeva had to be picked up from her zoo expedition, she was feeling ill too.
So now, we are all in bed. 
But, I'm grateful that we don't have Ebola
It's also a beautiful cold dreary rainy day which makes it perfect for sleeping (digging deep ain't i) 
I just made some chicken soup at the request of Maeva 
Tui stopped vomiting and is back to his almost usual self, throwing toys across the room, head butting us, head butting the couch and lurking in the dark corners like a makaaiku
Frenchy hasn't hopped on a flight to oz yet to avoided the 3 sick housemates
And most of all,  "I'M ALIIIIVVVVEEEEE!" 

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MrsF said...

Lol@makaaiku. Good to know you are all on the mend and still alive. Ova dramatic kele foi oe ia Lady Macbeth.