Monday, August 11, 2014

i really don't know what to write about today

so this is a really dumb idea....blogging for blogging's sake,

but now that i'm here, I just about cried reading this court case about the two young men who died in a car crash last year (go to Samoa Observer for your info),. anyhow, I'm not here to discuss the finer details of the case - (because as you know, I wasn't an AG in my past life and my grasp of law is rather err, limited). 
But ------I saw a photo of the accused (of maybe the defendant? kailo se)  anyway, its a photo of the person that could potentially go to jail, and her grandfather. 
I also say another image of the other accused and his family. 

You see, in the aftermath of the accident, there was a whole lot of emotion and anger which was vented on every media you could think of. 
Every bad thing you could think of was said./

and it got me thinking of the parents, the siblings and loves of these accused/defendants/etc.

They are the ones that all carry the burden. 

Face life with this major life changing event, which affects their relationships and their lives too.

And I thought of the parents and the grandfather, who love their daughter and their son. 

This is all so hard for everyone involved, and yet - ALL THIS COULD HAVE BEEN PREVENTED. 


My point is, ....there is nothing we can do about the past, but we can change our habits in the future.

......speaking of which, last Friday, I had to drive my smalls and my babysitters home (Yv and Yv) and then, like a super responsible Goddess, I taxied back to the city. $50 Fecking dollars to the city and the $65 fecking dollars from the city to drive -thru Maccas ---home.....and then I didn't even eat the blimmin' food because forgot I bought it in the first place,.....being a responsible drunk is EXPENSIVE! But it's much cheaper than buying a coffin.

ok, enough macabre discussions, it's only Monday.

Photos of the Day (because clearly the bullshit update above ain't doing it for you, my 5 readers:

One of the stunning bays in Moorea


my phone's camera has a scratch and every photo has this effing ...thing (dark dot thing)

Moorea again

One of the three stunning waterfalls in Tahiti - absolutely worth the visit.  

nice asse of the fire knife dancers,, I had to focus on something because their technique was sub-standard! 

Their fafas had attitude, lol

Hibiscus Hotel 

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