Friday, August 22, 2014

feeling down and in Auckland?

let me know,...don't do anything too drastic please, .....there's loads of stuff happening and loads of people who would love to be around you, or stuff you can do.

PM me and I will cheer you up hun. (not THAT kind of cheer up though, this ain't KRoad happy ending kinda deal)...I mean, if you feel that nothing is going well and you just want to talk to someone about your dramas, let me know:

I love listening. True story. And i love stories, telling stories, faiga stories and just talanoaing.

I don't repeat it unless you want me to and ideally it's needs to be really fascinating and involves some up in the air leg action (ballet is my passion) or anything. 

Things might seem like shit right now but I promise you that when you look back to it, it will be so trivial and so long ago. You might see a tunnel with no light, yes - it feels like that but there is help and there are people who LOVE you.
I love you!

so, here's the thing, .....when I was a young teen, I had some challenges, and no, I am not crying for attention at me, I get that like, ALL THE TIME! but my point is, things will get better.
I made a promise to myself long long time ago when I was an innocent virginal teen that I won't let all the fucken dramas define me, ruin me, 'effect' me.
Life seems tough now but I assure you that it gets better, with the help around you.
Email me:

Grab LIFE by the err, ears and love it!


Nyds said...

Okay emailing u now...need to talk about my life hahaha!

Goddess said...

ok....let me re-word this.....ANYONE ELSE NEED HELP????? hahahah