Thursday, July 31, 2014

things i need to blog about before i forget

- Food culture.
- Samoans abroad who email me about their dramas and I look at the email and mouth off "WTF"
- Children in France vs children elsewhere
- SIDS - demystifying SIDS. ...i wrote about this on my virgiun blog and got a bit angry panty halfway through so I took it down and will redo it for this whore blog. 
- Death. because I'm a macabre madabitch like that
- Latest tuiga debacles hahah....jokes, an update
-  I want to do a demonstration of how to do real hair on your tuiga so you don't have to send me your braid that you chopped off in 1985 and your grandmother's hair who passed away in 1972. Lovely but i'm a superstitious Savaiian who believes that the dead are watching when I touch their hair.
- Language
- Political Pacific crooks in Auckland
- My mother's emails which provide constant entertainment, and fear. 
- How my bikini body turned to chubbychubs after 6 weeks of eating. 
-How my sister left my freezer switched off and things within came to life. 
and so on and so forth. 

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Nyds said...

I want to hear about SIDS and death and mum's emails...there is an underlying theme in all 3 somewhere haha.