Friday, July 11, 2014

Spain. Sangria. Sasape vae.

We are in Spain now. And it's refreshing to hear another language (which is not French). 

I spent the first night in San Sebasti├ín drinking loads of sangrias and eating whatever was put on my plate. 
Because I'm not like the smart parangs who choose their morsels wisely, I was like, go for Drink. Eat. Drink by midnight, yours truly was hugging a Spanish toilet. 

Oi Malia e 

I am taking it easy from here on........(famous last words). 

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brighousel said...

Magaia faiga a Malia! Lol. Laughing and turning green with envy at the same time at your updates. I have to get them here now because I'm not on fb anymore :( Hurry back. Catch up with the desperate housewives of Etelani when you do :) Enjoy the rest of your trip x