Friday, July 11, 2014

Muddled thoughts

Being so far away from home is giving me so much clarity and a chance to take a step back. 
I intent to return and do some things differently, like
- seriously look for another job that has more of a work life balance, while the smalls are small.
- return to study
- improve my French because MM bursts into giggles or goes red with embarrassment when I speak. 
- put up more photos on my walls. I've been slack with that
- get rid of a lot of toys the smalls dont need
- mow the lawns 
- check my house is still standing
- tidy up the tuiga room and remove the red stains from the carpet before Frenchy discovers it
- cut back on the many things I've been doing and just have a year or so of a break. 
- buy a lotto ticket. 
- chuck a bucket of cow poo at John Key and get a king sized sack to chuck all of the pacific MPs and their misguided hangerons into it.

Gee, I started so well ......

1 comment:

Nydia Aloaina said...

Yeah I was a bit taken aback at the start of your newfound the end of it I'm like yeaaaah there's the wacko I know ha. Kae. Aumai se souvenir from wherever.