Wednesday, July 02, 2014


Be kind.
It's so so true. A small act of kindness can mean the word to someone else. 

We were on the ferry from Nice to Corsica yesterday. 6 hour trip and it was full but there were no more sofas left, just single seats. 

2 hours into the trip, Tui noodled off and I was left with carrying him (he is a tall, 18kg  3 year old). 

The other adults in our group were upstairs, watching the football - I was stuck with sleeping Tui and Cranky Moelagi. 
And 2 narrow seats, ....then Cranky head wanted to go toilet. Shit! 
So I carried tui and took Maeva across the packed room to the toilet and back. My arm is now super tired and we retuned to our 2 seats. 
Clearly, balancing the kid on me and trying to get Moelagi to sleep on her seat wasn't fun.
And an old Corsican man tapped me on the shoulder and directed us to a sofa seat. 
There's 4 people there playing cards and they all stood up and moved. 
I was super grateful and managed to lie both little shitheads down and thanked the kind souls for their help. 
...and in true Tui fashion, he woke up.

But the point is, kind, you are making someone else's day and it might come back to you:) 

And it's also very infectious, it's reminding me to be kinder too. 

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