Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Home at last

Sorry I've been so absent but we are finally home, great loooong break but it's good to be in my own house,
We started in the south of France with the whanau, then went off to Corsica for a week. 
Back to France, ditched the smalls with the Tina o le tamaloa and drove to Tolouse. We ate foie gras and drank rose (wine). 
Then to a good friend who lives in the Landes region.  We ate the best meat from the Pyrenees and drank red wine from Bordeaux. This part of the journey was the most humbling and saddest for me. 
I won't divulge too much but to say, we take too much for granted. 
When our lives have an ending, a definite one, we will make sure that our moments on earth are spent well with the people who are dearest to us. ): 
We visited Lourdes, because of the above reason but also because it's a special place for us. 
From here, we did Biarritz (surf) and ate 2 macarons. I had added 3 kilos at this point to my belly, hips and ass. 
We said goodbye to our friends, possible for the last time for one of them, and we drove across to the border to Spain. 
San Sebastien: 2 things happened here: sangria and tapas. And as I mentioned, the third event was that I hugged a Spanish toilet at the end of the night. 
Next, Pamplona, for running of the bulls, great atmosphere of seeing thousands of people all in white and red. I took it easy on the sangria here. I wanted to be rested on my next city. And not look like cowpoo. 
We drove across the border again to get to Perpignan where our good friends live. We. Had. A. Blast. 
The highlights of my stay with these beautiful souls is this: the children are raised in such a cool manner, they are intelligent, engaging, ├╝ber helpful and most speak 3 languages, Samoan, French, English. Wow. I take my hat (or rather) my tuiga off to the parents and aunt of these cool kidlets. 
Then back to Marseille with the smalls (who also had an adventure of their own in Serre Chevalier). 
All too soon, our time in the South was ending too quick, 
Paris - we went to Paris and did 3 nights. Normally we do 1 night before hopping on the plane but this time, Moelagi wanted to visit the catacombes., sadly for her, her parents are shocking at planning and we found the catacombes CLOSED. Kefs. 
The hotel we stayed at was very Parisien in size, ....TINY.
But centrally located and weith an extremely helpful staff - something that is rare in Paris. It was also 3 mins walk from the Metro and from shops. Hotel Excelsior. Tiny, old but clean. If youre an average sized Samoan, do not stay here.
After Paris, ----LAX---Tahiti:
Tahiti was stunning and our friends home was on the waterfront. At this point, Moelagi is black as from the sun and La Tuif - still pasty as. We loved the fruits, the mangoes were delish and it felt great waking up to the sounds of roosters and dogs barking. We stayed in Arue village -
Tahiti needs to be visited for more than 5 days in order to appreciate the place.
We then caught the ferry to Moorea, whcih is 30 minutes away. I thought about the wharf at Mulifanua as we drove but nope, this is first class facilities and everything was so perfect and orderly. Strange!
We stayed at Hibiscus hotel and it was lovely, beachfront but rfeasonably prices, definitely not dear like ther nearby Intercontinental and other resorts.
Stingrays come to feel at the beach - which was fun for the smalls.
We didnt do too much in Moorea - just laxed out and go beach-pool-beach but if you wanna go places, you definitely need a rental car because there's no consistent public transport options.
back to Tahiti where we visited the 3 waterfalls - swam in the the largest one - LOVED IT.
Now we are home, its cold, but its great we are home!


brighousel said...

Welcome home Becerras!!! :)

Audrey Pina Ah Tong said...

OMG!! I love every part of your trip!! Reading your story felt like I was on the same trip myself hehe ;-) I would love to visit Lourdes as well!! apart from Paris, Tahiti etc hehehe ;-) Thank you for sharing