Tuesday, June 24, 2014


zeve been zith the whqnqu for q few days now and the zeqther has been amazing (in the
I really want to write more but this laptop is q bit irritating; so in brief;

we will be in france much of the time, but as soon as the smalls are adjusted and at home with the tina o le tamaloa (tolt), then ze shall bugger off to spain and itqly:

If you know any other fobs on this side of the planet; let us know, jtiatia@gmail.com.

things i love about being here:
  • food and wine
  • wine
  • catching up with friends while drinking wine
  • shops and then having wine after 
  • and did i ,mention the wine;;;fark, i cant find the question mark:`
in two days time; the July sales will start and i qm very much looking foraqrd to that,

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