Tuesday, June 24, 2014


zeve been zith the whqnqu for q few days now and the zeqther has been amazing (in the
I really want to write more but this laptop is q bit irritating; so in brief;

we will be in france much of the time, but as soon as the smalls are adjusted and at home with the tina o le tamaloa (tolt), then ze shall bugger off to spain and itqly:

If you know any other fobs on this side of the planet; let us know, jtiatia@gmail.com.

things i love about being here:
  • food and wine
  • wine
  • catching up with friends while drinking wine
  • shops and then having wine after 
  • and did i ,mention the wine;;;fark, i cant find the question mark:`
in two days time; the July sales will start and i qm very much looking foraqrd to that,

Friday, June 20, 2014

I was coming to Americans

It's been a while, but totally worth it.
You peoples from Amerika don't know how exciting it is for fobs like me to access:
  • Super cheap food.
  • Order coke and it comes in a massive glass
  • Ordering Caesar salad to offset the junk food I've been inhaling and the salad is massive and there's a huge chicken breast and it's drowned in sauce. YUM!
  • Big cars. Wow....makes me wanna sing out "manaia outou fale,...ma taavale afi. A o matou I o, e Tasi Le pasi ae mai Le afi, talalatatalalala"
  • Big ...err, everything. 
  • Cheetos, yum yum. 
  • Cheeseburgers 
  • Disneyland
My only minor qualms have been about tipping, I was no masagi, but seeing how incredibley hospitable and lovely people have been in customer service makes me think we should be promoting tipping in Samoa, coz ua ka lelava kikilo I Le faauu o foliga o waitresses.

Thanks also to the lovely people who ordered tuigas, I got to have an experience in the post shop trying to figure out where some of these places were that I was sending to and describing what I was sending to the lady. "Yes, headpieces, except,it's bigger ...yes,for dancing, no, not like mardi gras,...ok, like carnival (without the gstrangle and the drums).

Thank you Obamaland, next stop, Paris. 

Monday, June 09, 2014

Profound. "In Puyrsuit of Venus, by Lisa Reihana

"Introducing in Pursuit of Venus the panoramic video by Lisa Reihana, a moving image interpretation of the French scenic wallpaper Les Sauvages De La Mer Pacifique." 

Read more about this artists's fascinating work here: http://www.inpursuitofvenus.com/about/

Click on this link, which takes you to the main page, to watch the installation.

Monday, June 02, 2014

Mamas Tanoa for sale

We have one more tanoa left, very similar to this one. 
My momma expects me to send her the cash in a week's time, sale or no sale. 
Oi Malia e 

again, this is made from ifilele, lasts forever and ever amen. 
Email jtiatia@gmail.com

Vaiaso o le Gagana Samoa over for another year...

This year, I am a lot more organised and managed to get 6 sessions done, with the fabulous help of Ms Moataa aka Queen of Dubai. Thank you!!!