Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I have found the perfect seamstress/designers/elei printers in Samoa

After many years of substandard puletasis and badly elei'd materials, I have finally found a group of women who can sew clothes to perfection, in Samoa.

If you want to get a puletasi or an elei shirt done - really really well....then contact this team:

DDI (+685) 29273 - Leleaga Matthes (+685) 7230271 - Sally Delaney (+685) 7772027 - Makarita Tominiko (027) 2756758Email - godinet.fashion@samoaonline.ws

They are in Apia (near Aggies - same inroad as way to Inalanis Catering).

I got my measurements done in Auckland -  and when I got my puletasis, I did not have to alter ANY,.
ALL perfectly sewn, overlocked and perfectly measured. Also elei print was impressive.

So - from here on - I shall stick with these amazing ladies.

Best thing yet - they are a FRACTION of the cost that you pay everywhere else....and I definitely can't argue with that!

I know I sound like an adverstisement now, but after years of getting kaea puletasis - I've finally got it right.

Thank you!

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