Saturday, May 31, 2014

Diary of a Samoan teenager, oi ka fefe!

I mentioned this a few months ago,that I had rediscovered my diaries from my teenager era.
Boy oh boy, are in for a friggin' treat as I am going to share some of the pages on this blog.
I was a bit of a diary-maniac and I wrote far too much detail in those pages (ahem - much like what I do in this blog, come to think of it, hah!). 
I will omit/change names though, and some stuff that are not suitable for your virginal eyes, dear reader ----auuu, isa! otherwise, I won't change any of the sentences I put here, I also realise I wasn't a fan of punctuation as a teenager. I did also swear a lot in my writing. Sorry.

In the end, I just feel blessed that I made it through my teenage years - I had so many chances to errr, fuck it up real bad. And boy, did I try!

SO...may I use this opportunity to apologize to everyone who I knew as a teenager? It is clear that I was a little bit...errr, what's the word: a wee bit mental.

...and I am still not cured. 

January 14th (Lech, Austria)
"Went to Zurs with Megoo. Heard that a Finnish man died from falling 20 meters down Ruikopf. Poor man but what an idiot for going off the track. Sun is down. Hard to see properly but in the end we made it and I only fell once. Then walked to Bianca Hotel. Dressed, got picked up by Megoo ate with everyone. then he drove us back but we asked him to please spin the car thing. he could only do 180, because no ice on the road. Then we went to the Police Station and had some really strong schnapps. We all got drunk but who cares, the only Police officer in the area is supplying the alcohol. I'm gonna miss this place, SHIT. I don't wanna leave!" 

January 16th
" Wrote a letter to Jeremy in Sydney and Aunty Evo. Listening to cd "Tribute to Diana" very nice soothing music. Aikae ia oukou o loo faikauiga la'u diary. don't fucken read my diary Relle, Mega anyone else!"

Reading "Promises" by Catherine Gaskin" about World War 1 sad, moving but too fantasising, dreamy, too heroic, needs some action, some reality!
Mom called she's at a village meeting. Watched news. Pope visits Cuba! Talk about odds meeting. Fidel Castro is still in power. The dick!

January 22nd, Linz, Austria
I felt so burdened with fear coz I was responsible for both of us (me and my little cousin aged 7 at the time) getting to Samoa, especially through Frankfurt, Hell it was huge! Just imagine if I dont go the right way. and get lost in Europe, I will die!
(dramatic much?)
January 23rd, Los Angeles 
Ate pizza, went to pick up R, P and J from school. Wow - their schools are huge. they dont look like schools at all from outside. at night, we went to aoga pese, cleaned the falesa for the kofiga kaeao. drove home, watched tv

21 March: Upolu Samoa 
Walked to market with Lauina, home, swam at the pool, worked at the bar, at night Cindy and her guests were drinking for ages, so i was stuck at the bar till late. SHit. I went to gauta but the lights were out and everyone was asleep so i couldn't even pack to go back to apia tomorrow. 
Granma is doing good. She's healthy I really love her and i can't bear the thought of not seeing her No WAY! Fa'alii called to ask how we are and i said that were well and he yelled "Ua kou maguia oga o kalosaga a le loomakua.'  He wants me to bring some taro and stuff tomorrow. 

March 1st
If I don't make it to New Zealand at the end of the year, then I'll consider being an air hostess, FUCK! What am I saying? Of course I will make it! Stupid! Wanna make it to Meg's sstandards and make her proud. S borrowed my Bravo CD and still not returned. Asshole. THIS DIARY IS FUCKEN PRIVATE, IF YOURE READING IT, FUCK YOU. OH WELL, UNLESS ITS FOR AN URGENT REASON, LIKE WHY DID I DIE LAST NIGHT?
(omg, no comment but i have these angry outbursts on MANY of the pages)

March 22nd, Savaii, Samoa
Church was empty, walked home, changed, ate, hung around then said goodbye to Granma - shes blessed all of us and i told her not to worry, we are all okay and healthy because of her prayers. I love her. I hope I pass my exams so I want to make her happy. Amen. Got dropped off at wharf by AUnty ANna. S is spregnant again, she needs to stop having sex man. or like tie her tubes she is getting fined so often and shes still doing it. Got to Mulifagua and got a ride off Cindy and her friends. Simon picked me up and went home. I miss Savaii.

28 March, Upolu, Samoa
Sione hits Mele on the face at night and she was wailing. I was so fucken angry and I said, don't be a dumb bitch - leave that fucken loser. I'm so fucken angry I wish I had a gun to shoot his face off. 

July 24th, Savaii, Samoa
"Granma Siu wants me to be called Feleita instead of Fotu, so as I have to answer her when she's calling "Feleita" Gosh!
And then she'd call out, "Fotu!" and I respond but she is scolding me, "You are not Fotu, you are Feleita!" haha
I love my granma!

And there you have it, a bit of an insight into a demented and very 'spethial' teenager's strange mind.

To be continued. 

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Vaiaso o le Gagana Samoa

Amata i pesepesega a tama mai Tokoroa:

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Hear fagogo being told ...

collated by Professor Richard Moyle

I love this one not just for the fagogo but the real noise that happens as the fagogo is when he is trying to shush the kids and also when the women are correcting him in the background.
I love his voice when its time to kagi le fagogo.
Sounds like a comical character! 

I Love it!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Do you want a tuiga and live in the United States of Amerikar??? or Europe?

If you live in the States, and want a tuiga, please let me know in the next 3 weeks.

I'm going through there in a few weeks time 

This means you're avoiding the cost of postage NZ-US, let me know on email: and I will plan accordingly.

Same for those in Europe, please let me know in the next 3 weeks and will send it to you from France, again, to avoid the crazy cost of posting from here.

manuia le afiafi.

Examples of tuigas I've made: (and no, I didn't make them up in my mind lol)

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Stumbling upon the annals of disengagement

I walked M Moelagi to school today, while normally, Frenchy does this while I drop La Tuif off at his early education centre.
I have not seen her friends and other parents in a while. I only email the teacher and see her rarely because of my work hours. So this morning was a great change in routine which enabled me to interact with her friends, other parents and the teacher.

Oi Aue,...What a moment of truth for me. 

Here I am, sing
ing about promoting engagement between schools and parents and pleading with administration to be more open to diversity and realities of families in need. Plus, asking parents, in English and Samoan to be more involved in their student's work...and yet, I am the one that is failing in that very front. At home. With my own. Boom. Kaea.

The reality is, being engaged in our children's learning is a joint effort but in truth, everything else gets in the way, like other children, work, other activities, the need to earn a living (me) laziness (me), slackness (me again) and many other excuses. 

In a perfect world, I would be in a job that allows me to take my children to school and pick them up. 

But for now, I live in 'this' world, disengaged and with a misguided focus. 

Hmmm, amazing what a walk to school can do.

k, back to work.

I was looking for an image that represents education and I couldn't think of a better one than this,  of MMoelagi and her namesake (Granma). This is education at its best.
O la'u tala atu lena i lenei aso.

okay, so they do get a bit carried away sometimes, but this is still awesome, haha

Thursday, May 15, 2014

'Women of Power in the Pacific' Part 1

at 1:35 is my mama. Love.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I have found the perfect seamstress/designers/elei printers in Samoa

After many years of substandard puletasis and badly elei'd materials, I have finally found a group of women who can sew clothes to perfection, in Samoa.

If you want to get a puletasi or an elei shirt done - really really well....then contact this team:

DDI (+685) 29273 - Leleaga Matthes (+685) 7230271 - Sally Delaney (+685) 7772027 - Makarita Tominiko (027) 2756758Email -

They are in Apia (near Aggies - same inroad as way to Inalanis Catering).

I got my measurements done in Auckland -  and when I got my puletasis, I did not have to alter ANY,.
ALL perfectly sewn, overlocked and perfectly measured. Also elei print was impressive.

So - from here on - I shall stick with these amazing ladies.

Best thing yet - they are a FRACTION of the cost that you pay everywhere else....and I definitely can't argue with that!

I know I sound like an adverstisement now, but after years of getting kaea puletasis - I've finally got it right.

Thank you!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Stunning taualuga performed by the graceful beaut Priscilla at her wedding:

And what I love even more, is she is undeterred by the chaos and fanfare all around her. 
oh - and of course, she dances to Manu o le Vaveao by TTC. Perfecto!
Malo lava.