Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Would you like to blog?

I wrote something on my bland new virginal legit (zzz boring) blog last week and someone who has been blogging proudly for 2 years messaged me and said:

"You should seriously blog! It's really cool and if you do it weekly, it's great ra ra ra and you can get lots of traffic to your blog, lots of readers - great platform zzz". 

I kindly told her I'm not really good at that stuff and I don't really have interesting things to say.


If only she knew i'm like, a blog whore. 

Fai aku ai fo'i.

In other news, just letting you know that i have a friend whose Mom makes beautiful pale agiga for sale.
Here is one that I have tied onto a tuiga, but the pale agiga itself is separate. It's beautifully sewn and well done. Absolutely ZERO glue involved. Amazing workwomanship! Email jtiatia@gmail.com if you want one and I can give you her contact details. She is in Auckland at the moment, but otherwise lives in Samoa. 

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