Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Check out: Memoirs Of An Imperfect Einjo Blog by Tim.

I read a blog yesterday by the intelligent and also fabulous vivacious Einjo:
This latest one about a Pacific campaign and his views on Peseta and National made me go:

Laughs and faigagukus aside, Tim is someone who is very passionate about his work, about academic achievement and supporting people through their academic (and in turn pastoral issues I suspect) journeys. 
He is also one of the gurus behind Samoa Business Network in Auckland.
oka ka'i kele!

And if that's not enough, Tim is the person behind the Pacific Scholar on Facebook - which is a page dedicated to sharing useful info for students/scholars about scholarships, conferences, ideas etc. from any institution or whatever benefits scholars/students. 

Tim is aged 21, single and enjoys long walks on the beach....auuu, aikalo!


check out his blog.

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