Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sports people; have a plan!

It is important for aspiring and great rugby players (or sports people) to stay in school and get a qualification, because when 'you' get injured or worse (lose all your money), then you have very little to rely on but your past glories.....and as we saw in recent months, that too is fleeting. 

GET A QUALIFICATION, If you don't achieve UE, there are pathway programmes that you can do in only 4 months to get you into degree study...you can also do short courses on business management, financial literacy (important in helping you manage your finances). 
There are also apprenticeships, diplomas in your other areas of interest, ...in fact, plenty options. 

Inga The Winger is the latest of sports people to go bankrupt, then we have David Tua (millions all goneski) --- and many many more.

All brilliant on the field, but all didn't have a plan B if (and when) things go wrong. 

An example of a rugby player who studied and played rugby is former All Black/Hurricanes Namulauulu Alama Ieremia, who has a degree from Victoria University. He is now the Assistant coach of the Hurricanes.  He has options. Because he planned. 
Plan Ahead people!!!

" Tuigamala said he lacked professional skills when he retired from rugby in 2002, and had to learn through painful errors.
"Someone sold me a lie that you will be successful in your business because you were a successful rugby player," he said.
"I've learned that that is not the case.
"You might have all the passion and desire but you don't have the right set of skills. I had to go back and learn that over the years."

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