Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Pasifika Festival 2014 Feedback (or rather - the Goddess Analysis

ok, i do this festival every year - initially as a visitor (with my old friend kagia and alesi), then as a dancer, then for several years working for my institution, but now - i do it to make some moolah.

This year was good for sales. Sales for the Goddess A-

Entertainment wise at Samoa Village? really really average. there were some good performances like Cindy of Samoa and perhaps Tattau Dance (but I have seen their performances over and over - so they would be fun for new audiences) - much of the rest was singing groups - either religious or really inappropriately sung by a 16 year old and the lyrics are like
"bring to me - uh uh -yeah - all night loooong
Yeah I will give it to you uh uh ohhhh
and we can shake like uh uh ahhhhh (then some ohhhing ahhhing and i feel like blocking the ears of the kids)"
So - Entertainment: Overall Mark? C-

Food stalls: I found my usual favourites. Like pork bun at 8am and a huge plate with taro/chicken/curry/chop suey/2 pieces of thoroughly bbq'd chicken: A+ 
Craft stalls: Best craft stall set up: House of Decor by Lautofa Tanielu A+
Other stalls that were amazing where the elei and puletasi makers from Samoa, quality this years was brilliant. 

Samoa Village Location: Samoa was moved to the Western Springs Field this year, since Samoa is always the largest. This was good because it meant more space to move, but -----
-The biggest problem with this was: THE DUST. It felt like the Dust bowl of California ALL blimmin' Day.
There was dust on every surface, which scared me seeing how food was served and consumed throughout - Imagine the dust in that chop seuy! So because of the DUST, Location gets a C.

-The actual stage was under a tent with no natural light: And to view the stage performances, you have to move super close to the tent - and so the viewing was not ideal. Stage: D

Emcee Appropriateness
The emcee was NOT funny and he kept being rude with his dry jokes. He also screwed up the John Key and delegation introductions in the morning. We need to get mature professional emcees for these kind of events. People who have the intelligence to address the crowd throughout the day.
Eddie Taualapini was a funny but smart emcee in previous years - he also filled in the gaps where the performances were not happening.
F: Fink aboudit. 

Political Irritation Levels 
I'm introducing this for the first time as it is election year. 
On the following continuum of:
1: being:  Friggin irritating, get off the stage, this ain't about you. Electioneering to the point of desperation.
2: If I had magic, I would make you disappear. 
5: Okay - so you know this is a platform but you're being smart about it....covert, not too much, just right - ish
9: You wore a badge perhaps or came in your party colours, but you were ok.
10: Amazing, you showed up, you smiled and went about your business like another Kiwi and you don't need to scream for a photo op.  

I confidently seat the NZ First MP Lole at 1.
She hogged the mic at Samoa Village. She spoke after the National Government kava ceremony in Samoan and this is what she said: 

"My name is blah blah, I am the MP for ...., I am not here to do any politicking (ou te le'o tu atu e fai ni tala faapolokiki i luga nei, e pei o le auvaega lea na o atu nei)  No, not like those guys who just left the stage, no, I am here because I care about you people of Samoa. So please listen to my discussion on the radio tonight where i will be discussing ......(I switched off at this point because she was then outlining the issues she intended to discuss on her political platform)....that is GUERILLA MARKETING THAT SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED AT PASIFIKA FESTIVAL. ...she should be charged $5000NZD to use the stage to promote herself. So a resounding 1.

I was very impressed with the LABOUR MPS who did come round, they were very low key and people like Sua William are usually in Pacific events anyway, so he did not look out of place. 10.

Like Su'a, Peseta was also pretty low key and didn't make a song and dance about being there, however, he loses his place a little by association: to the large National entourage, so he settles for a 7.

John Key of course naturally should be a 1 but because he didn't speak much and was actually tolerable, he gets a 4, because he seems like a likable dude, ....of course, he is a prick in terms of his lack of empathy for education/equality for the poorest in NZ and for diversity - but he is a likable prick, so 4 it is.

Thank you for tuning in to your Pasifika Analysis 2014.

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